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Sidebar wont work because DNN Widgets Kill My site

Oct 20, 2010 at 9:23 PM

Sidebar wont work  because DNN Widgets Kill My site

My site would not post back with wigets initilized in DNN 5.5.0 and I love the sidebar but I cannot use it wihout widgets initialized. Is there any way to use the needed widgets and call them from the module.

I tried to add links to initWidgets.js, twitter.dotnetnuke.js, SocialScapes.Widgets.TwitterWidget.js, and it killed the module and if I undo changes to view the module is still dead, and on the uninstall I get sql for errors of tables that do not exist and never did. How would I work around this, without enabling dnn widgets in admin site settings, as I do not use any of the dnn widgets for anything else.

Plus when it was installed, I made a new twitter account and tried to change the settings for the module over to the new account, and got a normal modules settings page without the needed configuration options it originally had.